What are regarded as entrepreneurial skills?
Entrepreneurship should be regarded as a formal career and not just as an opportunity where a business is situated and where you can leave it after a short period of time.

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The skills that are important for an entrepreneur and the success of his/ her company are the following;

vAnalytic skills:

Helps the entrepreneur to identify problems as well as solutions for him/herself.
vPeople skills:
The ability to train an up-coming entrepreneur and the ability to speak to him/her.
It will help to build good relationships.
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vManagement skills:

The entrepreneur must have the ability to manage time as well as the people who are working for him/ her.

This is very important, since he/she is the person in charge and therefore he/she needs to take the lead in
every aspect of the company and the decision making. He/she needs to let the people know that he/she is
the boss and the boss needs to lead their team regarding the success of the business.

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vCommunication skills:
To have the ability to sell ideas and persuade others. To communicate with his/her workers/people and
to build great relationships throughout the company and the people. With the right communication skills,
the entrepreneur would be able to make sure that everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

vAll runner:
The ability to work both as part of a team and independently. This is very important; since the entrepreneu
r would experience circumstances where he/she needs to make discussions on her/his own and therefore
needs to do some things on his/her own, to allow the business to grow.

The entrepreneur should be able to research effectively. To research the available markets, the suppliers,
customers and the competition.
The ability to be creative and to also be an innovative and creative thinker regarding the business.
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Self-motivated and disciplined, Adaptable, has the ability to multi-task, able to take responsibility and
make decisions, the ability to work under pressure, competitiveness, willingness to take risks.

vBefore he/she starts:
-Being able to draw up a business plan for a new venture.
-Being able to market and sell a new product or idea.
-Financial skills, such as book-keeping and calculating tax.
-Awareness of intellectual property and possibly patent law.

Here is a summary of some of the important entrepreneurial skills:

Attached is an activity you can do do help you to learn the different skills the entrepreneur needs.
Match colom A with colom B