Before you start a business it is important to set up a business plan.

But why?

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A business plan helps you to put your idea together and to know where you want to go with your business. While composing your business plan you also get clarity as to wether it is a good business idea that can be successful.

We are now going to look at only the main aspect that should be included in a business plan as this is only an introduction to the business plan and not yet something you have to know in grade seven.

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Business plan:

1. Cover page
2. Table of content
3. Introduction
4. Description of the product or services offerd by the business
5. Goals of the business
6. The business owner
external image business-plan.gif7.Production plan
8. Marketing plan
9. Management plan
10. SWOT
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Oppertunities
- Threats
11. Financial plan
12. Conclusion